Friday, February 7, 2014

Different Ways

It's been the one thing that has always affected our cultures.  Birth & death has a way of changing lives in one way or another.  You find that people of different cultures celebrate or grieve in different manners.
Often a person's emotional stability can affect how they handle these dire moments in their lives.  While birth is something to celebrate, death is something to grieve.  It's not so easy to accept the limitations that these certain moments place upon us.
 Depending on the circumstances of a birth, it can be joyous or problematic.  A young mother can have many problems adapting to the birth of an unexpected child.  She is overcome with guilt for not wanting this child to be born.  Her financial situation in life may contribute to this feeling.  Whether or not she decides to keep the child or place it up for adoption, she will have many negative emotional times during her life.
A death is never easy to accept or deal with.  Once again remember it is the emotional stability of the people going through the ordeal of loosing a loved one.  One can only hope that these situations are made more peaceful by the strength of love and prayer.

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