Thursday, April 17, 2014

Good Friday

It's "Good Friday", and basically it has been taught that this was the day, Jesus was hung on the cross. So, in remembrance of this day, I would consider this to be a very "holy" day. The day "Our Savior" died to save us from our sins. I'm sure that many will take a moment to reflect on the happenings, so many years ago. As we celebrate this "Holy" holiday, let us remember the reason and what he did for us. Have a "Holy Easter"............


How Big Is God?

A very beautiful song, sung by a great singer of our time...........

Edith Easter

Edith Easter from Krista McKinney on Vimeo.
This video was shared by the Mother of Krista McKinney.......I hope you enjoy it......

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Thanks To Calvary

I don't live there anymore.........

It Is Finished

What a wonderful video

Manger To The Cross

 I remember this song and sung it many times.........

Wedding Photos

Living in certain areas can give you the convenience of know where to find your needs when shopping for your wedding day.  In NC, there are the  raleigh wedding photographers  to help with your memories during this special time.  Package deals can be purchased to help ease the financial burden of the wedding.  Click on the above link to get more information from this dealer.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Child

From the time I was born, I was raised to know about the Lord. My grandmother, took me to church every time the door was opened. All my childhood, was spent playing with my dolls and whatever toy, the family was able to afford for me. Remembering my grandmother, always telling me about God, and expressing how she hoped one day I would be a preacher, led me as a small child to feel special. I can remember playing church with my dolls and sitting them on the steps of the front porch, and leading them in church. Everything I had seen during service's was what I would perform, during my play session. I became the leader of songs, prayer and eventually preach a child like sermon, to my dolls. I would that today's children, enjoyed the innocence of the children years ago. To know God, with the innocence of a child is the beginning of real faith....

Friday, March 21, 2014

NC Health

Those of you who live in the Burlington, NC areas, will need to visit this website for more information about needed health insurance.  The link to  burlington nc health insurance  in this post, will direct you to the website which is located in the general area.  Government regulations, are quoting us the laws about getting health insurance.  You need to know what's allowed and how to gain the amount of coverage you and your family needs.

Prophecies of the Antichrist?

It is quite clear that the Bible has been telling us these things for years. Many have not believed and therefore they will not find the time to do research about it. Listen as these people give you insight to the results of this assault on the Ukraine by Russia.

Decorations & Lights

 During the holiday season, you see these everywhere.  It's not uncommon to follow the crowd during these times, to view the lights and displays.  You can visit the   parks  link in this post to see some of the designs they can assemble for your home or business.  It's listed as a great way to show your holiday spirit and have displays that are sturdy and flexible.  They state that the units are weather worthy and stay lit, so why would you consider any other form of decorations?

Late Term Abortions?

Why are these criminals allowed to practice medicine? Killing innocent babies is wrong, no matter how you look at it. There a people out there childless, who would love to adopt a baby. Why not give these people a chance to be parents to needy unborn babies?


I went to this website to see what the information was about and found there to be the  goulds pumps at WeGotPumps.com  which can be used in different plumbing areas.  I look at the picture and wonder if it might be used to pump water or fluids out of certain locations during a work project?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

4 Blood Moons?

Is it the beginning of the end times?
There shall be signs in the heavens.........

ACLU Fights Against

A private citizen erected this monument with his own finances.........even the people in this county are happy with the monument......