Wednesday, September 3, 2014


There comes a time when you need some help with that house cleaning.  No matter how hard you try to keep it up, sometimes it just becomes more than you can handle.  Check into the  cary house cleaning website online and see if the company offers services in your local areas.  It will come in handy during the coming holiday months.


This picture was take while we had the chance to enjoy your company and time.  You wit and dry humor was just a small part of the person you were while here with us.  My sister cared for you deeply and I'm sure she wishes that you hadn't of gone through the pain and suffering of your death.  The end of last month marked the time when we lost you over 5 years age.  RIP my friend and know that we still remember you.


It's the end of summer and many are trying to pack in that last days fun by grabbing the travel and vacation deals available.  If you women are like me then you may want to purchase a new bathing suit for this last  summer fun.  Finding  bathing suits plus size  is easy when you shop online and this online store.  Then have your package shipped to the location you want to help with your travel arrangements.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sad News

It's always sad to hear the news of a person passing on.  Even more so is when that person ends their own life, because they can handle living in this world anymore.  Our hearts are sad today, from hearing of our country's loss of a great comedian and actor.  Robin Williams was full of life and gave to us in a crazy funny way.  He will be missed by many and our prayers are with his family and  close friends at this time.
Na No Na No Robin!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Head Phones

I know you don't want to bother others with your personal selection of music, so you choose to wear headphones to keep it all private.  Whether in public or your home these items come in handy for personal use.  Shop online and get a  musician's friend 20% off  on the "akg A99 headphones" when you make your next purchase.  It's always great to get a discount on your purchased items.

Monday, June 23, 2014


"If I am to have faith when I pray," said American evangelist R.A. Torrey, "I must find some promise in the Word of God on which to rest my faith.…If there is no promise in the Word of God, and no clear leading of the Spirit, there can be no real faith."

Saturday, June 21, 2014


You know that insurance companies can be found in your local areas.  The  don allred insurance  is a local company in the Burlington area.  Going online can help you find directions to the company location.  It's good to find the information you need to get good quotes from the agents.  Click on the above link and see what types they offer.


I never got to meet you during the short time I've been with your son.  You have passed on this week and it's a terrible time for your first born son.  He wasn't notified of your death in a decent proper manner, and had to learn it from an ex-wife.  How horrible it is to learn this type of thing from an outsider.  This means that the other siblings you fathered are mean and cruel.
I'm not sure if the man I love can be able to forgive this situation caused by many past events?  I do know that he feels cheated and pushed aside from the family.  This may be the reason he has kept his distance during the years in the past.  Maybe from guilt of his doings, or from pain of rejection, I don't know.  But this isn't something I can push on him to deal with.  He will have to do this in his own time and way.
I only hope that your son will survive and be able to get past all this.  Because I love him and he deserves to be loved.
May your soul rest in peace, is my prayer.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

VA Playsets

It's time to update that old playground set in the yard.  Spring is here and summer is just around the corner.  The  playsets in virginia beach will be a perfect place for my grand son to shop for the best swing set my grand daughter's can play on.  They will have the time of their lives playing on one of those sets and being outdoors.  Most small children love being outside and seeing things move. It's great to watch their eyes light up when they can go outside to play.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Too Soon

Have you ever looked at the way things turn out in life?  Understanding the "why's" of it is so hard and accepting it is even harder.  I don't think anyone can accept it when a loved one gets sick to the point of death.  When a person is fighting for their life, it's a horrible feeling to accept.  The ordeal focus's on the dire need for medical help to ease the suffering.  Family and friends suffer as well with trying to find the right thing to say and do when being around the person.
All too soon I will be going through this experience.  A relationship will be lost, if the battle against cancer can't be beaten.  I will loose the one person in my life that I found to be "the one!"  They say that "only the good die young" and I'm sure that is a true statement.  The good that I have found in this person, has given me hope for a portion of happiness the rest of my life.  Being older than him gave me hope that we would be able to live out our lives together and have fun.  Now, I find that this may not happen.  I can only try and find all the strength and support he needs to get him through this.  God, will need to put his hand in mine often.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Good Friday

It's "Good Friday", and basically it has been taught that this was the day, Jesus was hung on the cross. So, in remembrance of this day, I would consider this to be a very "holy" day. The day "Our Savior" died to save us from our sins. I'm sure that many will take a moment to reflect on the happenings, so many years ago. As we celebrate this "Holy" holiday, let us remember the reason and what he did for us. Have a "Holy Easter"............


How Big Is God?

A very beautiful song, sung by a great singer of our time...........