Tuesday, March 24, 2015

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Friday, March 13, 2015


Laying in bed during the night, I remembered an old song, that I sang in church many times.  "Count Your Blessings", is a song I grew up with as I'm sure many others did.  It kept running through my mind as I lay there and I went through the words and verse as if I were singing it long ago.  Then, I realized that this must be what I should start doing, because it's been awhile since I made myself think of the many things I have, compared to others.  I felt as if I had let down on my worship of the only one who has brought me through so many storms in life.  So, today I've kept the memory of this song running through my mind, to help me be humble and not react so quickly to things I dislike.  Thank you Lord, for everything!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


You don't know how many times, I claimed the protection of our Lord, over this tree.  For protection from it falling and taking out the power lines which are directly under it, where it would fall too.  Protection of the home and cars parked over there is also in the prayers, each time.  As you can see, it is already leaning and many of the large limbs are rotting, which gives it a matter of time before they will start falling.  Depending on the severity of the storms and wind we have in our area, my fingers stay crossed and prayers constantly go up to our Lord.  In the recent week, you can be sure I've done this with all the rain, sleet, snow and ice.  So, far he has protected us and kept everything safe.  Thank you Lord.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Reconstructive Surgery
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Christie Cavender

Monday, February 16, 2015

Home Comfort

I just love going shopping for new bedding or other home furnishings.  Mostly, the fun happens when I get back and start putting the new stuff up or on the bed.  New curtains, that match the comforter and sheets can really boost one's outlook on their home's comfort.  As they say, I  found this or that at a great price, and now I can enjoy the efforts of my shopping.  A shopping spree for sale items, can give you more enjoyment than you can imagine.  Click on the above link and do some convenient shopping online, today!


These are just some of the beautiful spring flowers that I've been blessed to enjoy each year.
I'm ready for spring, so it will bring these pretty flowers back again.


Movie productions, come with a lot of sounds, during the films.  You often hear loud drums which build the excitement of danger, or when the climax of the scene happens you hear cymbals crashing.  When shopping for cymbals, I suggest clicking on the link in this post.  It will you take directly to the  Z hihats  website, so that you can look at all the different equipment they have to offer.  I remember the days of playing in the high school band, and the moments of cymbal crashing during a song.

The Lilies

Saturday, February 14, 2015


I have a cat and fish, but most people have dogs.  There all all types of pets to choose from and now they even have their own   Entirely Pets Pharmacy  for prescriptions, and other pet needs.  Like us they get sick or hurt and need to be helped get well.  The vet can check your animal and prescribe needed drugs or vitamins to get your pet back on the road to a healthy life.


I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ. 
Mohandas Gandhi

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Teak Patio Sets

The season of summer is fast approaching and with it comes the need to revamp your home and garden furnishings.  A splash of decor which includes a tropical theme, can really make your patio, garden or deck inviting to visitor's this season.  It's a great idea to do your shopping ahead of time, to insure the right items to finalize your decor.  The patio serves the purpose for entertaining welcomed guests to your parties.
I searched a website that can help with your shopping trek.  The  Home and Patio D├ęcor Center has a great selection of teak patio sets   which you can purchase for different prices, according to the style you want.
You can also visit their coupon page, where you will find great discounts on their items, when purchased.  I'm sure you will notice all the different sets they have listed, and find the other products they offer as well.  There's kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, even kid's rooms that are assembled to suit your flare.  Accessories can be purchased to compliment the theme you plan to develop in your home.
The Decor Center has representatives available who are experienced in giving you the advice when shopping and making your order.  Look around the website, call their phone number and find the quality that comes with the value of your patio theme options.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

I'm Sad

The whole world watches as the story progresses with the now hospitalized Bobbie, who is the daughter of the late Whitney Houston.  It seems to be that fame and fortune is just too much for people to handle and with good reason.  Being in the front of cameras all of your life, can take it's toll on young people.  I often see the children of famous people trying to cringe away from the cameras as they maintain behind the famous parent.
Here once again, we see a drug related case, where the world today has pressed the pressure on the one's who are there to entertain us.  This person, was born into the fame and fortune, without a choice.  Surviving must have been a very hard thing to do, when even the parent wasn't able to make it.  My heart goes out to the people who now wait on the doctors to give them notice and the friends who are unable to help.  May God rest her soul.

Thursday, January 22, 2015


I hate to say it, but we are living in a very scary world, today!  If you don't go to God, for help during these terrible times, then you don't know him.  We are going around in this everyday world with killers on the loose, in all shapes, races and sizes.  It's hard to know where the street your driving down will be safe a few minutes after you get on it.  People, are involved in road rage, drive by shootings, random terror attacks in large crowds, school shootings, by the students who go there.  Believe me, it's perilous times and we are just getting started.
America's Christan's need to get on their knees like never before!  The battle has begun and without God's help, we are in some bad trouble.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Stand Up!

The Christian/Muslim confrontation.......................................................

Friday, January 2, 2015


In the last few days we have experienced winter weather.  It's been a threat of winter precipitation, with some ice.  Having large old trees around my home is a potential problem when the ice arrives.  Last year we had an ice storm that left huge trees broken and toppled from the weight of the ice.  Crews were working around the clock to restore electricity to many areas here in the North Texas locations.  Ours was one of them and it took the next door neighbors a whole week to get rid of the large tree and have the electric company come out to hook them back up.
I have a 200 year old tree that is in my front yard.  It's been large since I was a child and I'm now 70, which places it in the historic category.  I've left it alone out of nostalgia, but it's at the point I can no longer ignore it.  Each time we have a bad storm or threat of ice, I go into a prayer mode.  I can't tell you how many times I've prayed that God would put his hand on this tree and protect us from any disaster it could cause.
Living on a fixed income doesn't leave any extra money at the end of the month.  A tree this large could cost over $300 to $1000 to cut down and remove.  If it falls then it will take out the power lines that it is hovering right over at the present.  Some of the areas are rotting where limbs have gotten old and died.  It's not a good position to be in and it keeps me on edge just thinking about it.
A licensed electrician can also cost a pretty penny, so you see what I'm facing should this occur.
This time has been scary, but God has once again brought us through the storm.  The icy weather stayed up in the other counties and we only got cold rain here.  I am so thankful and this post is my verbal praise to our Lord for his mercy in this matter.  Truly, an answer to my prayers.  Thank you Lord!