Monday, September 11, 2017


Today, I look around at the world we live in and see so much turmoil.  People, are living the best way they can and those of us who have a life with the comforts on a daily basis, feel as though we are in some way sinning.  I say this because we see so many who are without a home, because of the devastating weather, recently and those who are sick from some incurable diseases.  Those whose lives have been torn to pieces, not from their own doing, but from matters out of their control.
Yes, I have my problems, and yes they are giving me unwanted stress.  Yet, I can see things going on  that make my problems, look small in comparison.  This gives me a comfort in knowing that I should be grateful for the things in my life and pray for the problems that I see nearby.  I can rest in the knowledge that the Lord, has his hand on my life and problems.  I can thank him for the goodness, he has given me, knowing that I am truly blessed.  
Today, is a good time for all of us to be thankful for the good that is in our lives, and pray for the one's less fortunate.......

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


My body knows when it's not feeling right........and yet, it can't tell me what is really wrong.  Thus, I had to do all these xray's, and CT scan to find out anything.  Seems, things aren't as bad as they seemed.  What is wrong, is that a 72yr. old woman got in a hurry to finish mowing the yard and set the riding lawnmower, up a faster speed.  You understand it was really hot that day.  So, it just took off forward in what you call  a lerch and almost left me on the ground.  In doing so, it pulled a muscle in my right side.  The pain, made me to think I had something really bad, like a disease of some kind.  It still grabs me if I move the wrong way, but not as bad as before.  Praying, really gave me more assurance, than I knew.
Either way, I'm taking those pills and doing as I was told..........now, the slow process of getting better, and thanking God, that it wasn't something worse.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Another Update

Had a CAT scan yesterday, and there's nothing that should be causing this pain in my right side.  Some small things are wrong with me, but nothing major.  Still they want me to go to the ER and get a EKG on my heart.........I'm good with that.......just wondering why I keep having so much stool, when I took laxative 2 days in a row.......here you have an underlying situation, still undetected.
Thanks be to the all mighty God, for his help in this situation........ thanks to people who have been lifting me up as well...........don't stop............I still need your prayers............... we all do.

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Well, the "labs" finally came back and I have high cholesterol and under active thyroid.....so, it's pill time.......anyway, I will see if that helps what's been going on in my body.........and hope it changes the tenderness in my side and back.......Prayers are still a blessing, if you don't mind.......thanks.
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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Prayer Request

I am asking you for prayers about my health.  It's unknown what I have wrong, and am waiting of the blood tests to come back.  Thank you for your efforts on my behalf.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Crescent Heights Optometry

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Mine was cataracts, which is distorted or cloudy vision caused by the lens inside the eye losing its transparency over time. Cataracts can require changes to your glasses or surgical removal.  I needed surgery very badly and was almost blind. I’m glad I found a good place here where I reside.  You can too if you live in Canada, where this place is located, it’s a great idea for your eye health.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Music Store

Everyone, knows that to get the best possible service, you go to a local store.  At least that's the way we've been thinking, most of our life.  Today, you can go to an online store and find just about anything you want to purchase.  Now, if you were looking to buy musical instruments, you naturally would click on the  instrument store check it out at GuitarCenter  to shop for your needs.  Here's the place with all your musical instruments, brand names, and accessories.

God is Good

Have you ever been out somewhere and thought you had left something cooking on the stove?  Well, it's not the first time I've rushed home to find whether or not made such a mistake.
About 5 years ago, I did and there was a big mess to clean when I got back.  Boiled eggs that have blown up all over the place, don't smell too great.  It's takes a few minutes to find all the broken shell parts and get them cleaned up. 
Recently, I found myself driving when the thought came to me that I might have left a pan on the stove and it would be red hot, if I did.  I could see all types of things happening, like the house catching on fire.
I started praying while driving as legally as I could to get back, and thanks to the Lord, he answered prayer.  The pan was cold and the stove was off..........a sigh of relief came across me as I thanked him for his goodness.