Monday, February 17, 2014

Dear Lady

I saw on a social media where the local FD posted of your death this morning.  It seems that you passed away last night.  Though we hadn't been in much contact recently, you were still a part of our neighborhood family.  I know your husband will be lost without you, since you two have been together since you high school days and marriage.  I'm not sure if you were younger than my sister, but I know you were younger than me because I'm about 4 years older than your husband.  I don't know what you may have been in ill health from?  I always saw you dashing around town, doing you duty as the Mayor's wife and carrying on your church activities.  I have known you, and your family for years.  I've know your husband's family for years and grew up with the boys during our school years.  It's sad to see you leave so soon, and I can only hope that the family, friend's and coworkers will aide in seeing your husband through this difficult time.
RIP Ouida Bailey.

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