Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sad Start

Yesterday morning you left us and went to be with the Lord.  You were such a sweet man and I will miss you very much.
My step-dad for a few short years and yet you made a great impression on me as to who I would like my spouse to be like.  During those years you showed me that there is a real love, given by your spouse and I saw that in you.  You never stopped loving my Mom, even when she would push your last buttons.  I've often told her that when she was through with you, that I wanted you.  Now, you are no longer here for us to enjoy and I wonder just what your children would do if they knew.  It's a horrible thing to be pushed away by your children, because you found love after your first wife had died.  I know they have no idea of the sweet person you were to kids who weren't your own blood.  I'm not sure if they even care, yet I wish I could tell them how awful they were to you.
I will miss you telling me to "behave myself" when visiting you at the nursing home.  It was a time you and I interacted on a fun basis.  I want you to know that you are missed and we will have a great loss for years to come.
Rest in peace Henry, and see what all God has waiting for you, up there.
Love ya,

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