Monday, January 20, 2014

KJV Bible

I'm sure that if you've lived in the US then you've been familiarized with the teachings of the Bible. God's word lays out a clear plan for living one's life. I know that it's a very frustrating book to understand and gets people in a mood, not to read it or research it. In fact the King James version is the most prominent translation of the Bible. It gives the version the author King James, had written up during his rein. I'm not a history buff and don't know exactly who he was so I can't give any details about him. All I know is that this version, is all over the world and in my home. Reading the Bible, was something I never did very often. I'll admit, that I've not been doing it as much as I should even now. I do skim through it from time to time, in order to find scriptures relevant to the post I am writing. Some of the scriptures remain in my memory from days of living in church during my childhood. The Bible is considered the Word of God and to those who want to live accordingly, needs to be read and researched daily.

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