Sunday, September 18, 2011


I remember going to church every time the doors were open and sometimes when they weren't. The new world out there has taken it's toll on churches and left them sitting empty and forsaken. 
I'm sure you were raised much as I was, with church being the major part of your life.  It seems that we have moved in other directions, knowing what the true direction is.  Excuses become a part of why we don't go, and laziness is another.  I love to sleep in on a Sunday morning, because it's the only day I have to do so.  There's the getting up and dressing to go off to a place, that we might end up sleeping once again, if the pastor isn't keeping our attentions.  It comes down to what you really believe, anyway.  The personal experience is what's important, along with the relationship between you and your maker.  The real thing is that, and the different denominations, doctrines and such leave me cold.  I find that I must constantly find contact with the one that's most important to keep me on the right paths. 

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