Sunday, September 18, 2011

On A Diet?

Generally speaking today's world looks toward the slender, beautiful people.  It's these people we larger one's learn to dislike.  We work so hard on a diet, exercise and look for the best diet pills   to aid in our attempts.  Many of us loose some weight, but we really don't get to that goal we had in mind.  It may be that we set too high a goal, and did it with the idea, that we weren't going to be able to achieve it anyway.  This was a easy way to set ourselves up to quick when the going got rough.
We know that it takes hard work to loose weight.  We get ourselves all charged up and off we go on the down hill trek.  I say down hill, because without proper help and resume you can't do this.  A good trainer or a friend that's dieting, exercising and such along with you can get you there.  I've lost weight by just adjusting my diet, but some obese people, need extreme help. 
I can not understand how someone can go to the extreme's that certain weight builders take.  I would fall out in the first fifteen minutes from over exhaustion.  I suppose that's why they go to the gyms and spa's to get the special training to get those buff bodies.  Those people have a lot of will power and strength.

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