Saturday, February 16, 2013


Hey, Paul.........it's been a long hard journey.  You got out of the storm and now the rest of us are dealing with the aftermath.  Your death left a big hole in many peoples lives.  Our daughter was one of them.  It's without a doubt that she is loosing her mind.  There's not much anyone can do to help her without getting sucked into her drama and drug situations.  She's to the point of needing institutional help.  Since she is considered to be a legal adult, and that ties our hands.  While in the midst of all this she wastes away doing this crap. I refuse to enable her by giving her money when she is down.  It doesn't go for what is needed, like rent and general necessities.  Right to the "dope house" she goes, with her man trailing along behind her.  It's a sad thing to watch someone loose themselves in this.  I've done it one too many times and won't be a party to any of the crap she escalates.  You should be here for her to run to, cause all that "petting" you did back when she was growing up, helped make this monster. 
Sorry, but I had to speak my feelings about this and you were her father.

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