Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dearest Father

My heart lives daily through the strength you give me.  The courage to press on is embedded deep in my soul.  How often I find myself talking to you lately about things beyond my control.  Sometimes I just thank you for the new day, when waking in the early morning.  Other times I ask you for help and guidance in matters of life, family, love and relationships.
Today, I thank you for another new day, and start it off with what can prove to be a busy one.  At this moment, it's first coffee time, to pull my brain out of the cobwebs of sleep.  Many subjects have already flooded my mind as I make the morning coffee and turn on some heat in the rest of the house.  It's a crisp morning and the old house is very cold. 
I sit down to my computer as I do every morning, and start the usual routine of turning it on, waiting for it to boot up while sipping on my coffee.  This time I'm hunting the kleenex to contain my sinus infection.  It's been a hard week on allergy sufferers.  I have a head full of the stuff and it's a mess to handle.  My weekend is planned and this is not what I need to cause any problems.  I do hope my sinus gets under control or I'll be too sick to enjoy my visit, with my friend.
So, I thank you for the help you will give me the next few days and pray that you will keep your guiding hand on the things that evolve.

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