Thursday, July 14, 2011

Suing Perry

I can see where this is going.  We've come down to the fact that people who don't believe in God, are suing the Governor of Texas because he has issued the support of a "Day of Prayer" to be conducted in the Houston, TX area.  They say he has stepped over the line by using his office and the seal as a means of support for the event.  In other words, these people are trying to tell us that our leader is not supposed to lead the Christians in this event.  We are not telling them "not to believe", which they do so very well.  Why can't they leave the Christians and God fearing people to their beliefs.  Isn't that what the American freedom is all about?  Freedom to or not to ....believe.  If prayer helps and comforts during our time of economic duress, then what makes this such a problem?  Is there not the same attentions, given to sick and ailing people?  If our Governor is a person that believes in God, why can't he call those who believe, to come and assemble for prayer?

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