Wednesday, August 2, 2017


My body knows when it's not feeling right........and yet, it can't tell me what is really wrong.  Thus, I had to do all these xray's, and CT scan to find out anything.  Seems, things aren't as bad as they seemed.  What is wrong, is that a 72yr. old woman got in a hurry to finish mowing the yard and set the riding lawnmower, up a faster speed.  You understand it was really hot that day.  So, it just took off forward in what you call  a lerch and almost left me on the ground.  In doing so, it pulled a muscle in my right side.  The pain, made me to think I had something really bad, like a disease of some kind.  It still grabs me if I move the wrong way, but not as bad as before.  Praying, really gave me more assurance, than I knew.
Either way, I'm taking those pills and doing as I was told..........now, the slow process of getting better, and thanking God, that it wasn't something worse.

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