Sunday, July 10, 2016


Thursday evening the life in and around Dallas, TX, became full of death and fear.  Five police officers lost their lives to one sniper's assault on what he considered the enemy, "Whites".  The five who died were white and he was a black man with many frustration's about the situations in our country, pertaining to "blacks" being shot by "white" cops.  
Many towns have come forward to lead in vigils to honor the fallen and show support to local police who still actively serve their local areas and towns.  
We are finding that more evil has come of the situation, which happened on Thursday.  On Saturday and added threat came to the DPD headquarters, and they were put under lock down most of the afternoon, while "Swat" teams combed the area where a suspect was reported to be.  This is just too much and must stop!  Too much is being heaved on these individuals at this time and needs to cease.  Prayers, are certainly a must as we strive to get through this tragic time.

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