Saturday, February 20, 2016

Some One I Knew

He was one of the boys who made up a family, my children grew up with.  You don't think about them dying before their parents.  It's not accepted during a parents lifetime.  Yet, for some reason or another, it does happen and still not an easy thing to accept.
It may happen because of bad health, an accident or some other reason, we don't like to talk about.  Yes, the death of a child, is something parents dread living through.  I've faced the possibility several times, during my life.  The mother of five, has given me a glimpse of what might happen during certain circumstances.  I have been fortunate where death is concerned. 
A long time friend, wasn't as lucky.  I feel so bad for her, because she and I are in the senior years of our lives.  All I am able to do is give her my friendship, during this time..........  I know her son, must have suffered and is now in a better place.  It's not fair but life doesn't deal us a fair hand.  My prayers are with her and their family during this time........

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