Monday, February 15, 2016

So Many

I haven't written any letters in recent months, because there weren't many that I knew close to write to or about.
Suddenly, the bottom fell out of earth.........and cast several souls into eternity........with their deaths.
I remember these as being acquaintances, I met down through the years and they touched my life in various ways.
I think of these people from a distance and yet, there were many times I sat with them and carried on a conversation.  It's sad to think of these people as being gone and that we will no longer be able to talk or visit with them.  I know their families will miss them and wish for another chance to say "I love you".
In the last few weeks I've had the unfortunate chance to hear of at least 3 people, I've known that have passed on.  I can only hope that they got the chance to talk to the Lord, before it all happened.

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