Tuesday, July 14, 2015

So Sad

In the last few days, a person took his life for whatever sad reason.  He was husband to my oldest daughter's childhood friend.  It seems that this man had been experiencing many health problems through the past few years, along with emotional problems as well.
When the woman left to find safety from his domestic outbursts, he began to regress and thus lost his will to live.  I know how sad this must be for his family and friends.  The reality of knowing you couldn't help someone during their emotional bouts, is a hard thing to accept.
As for the wife, she knows that even though there was good, there was also too much bad to deal with.  Her life being safe was a very important issue, when he would loose control of his actions.  Yet, she will live with the sad fact that the short time they were together, didn't give him the emotional help he needed.  I pray God's comfort, understand and peace for everyone involved in this time of  sadness. May this poor unhappy man, rest in peace!

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