Thursday, February 5, 2015

I'm Sad

The whole world watches as the story progresses with the now hospitalized Bobbie, who is the daughter of the late Whitney Houston.  It seems to be that fame and fortune is just too much for people to handle and with good reason.  Being in the front of cameras all of your life, can take it's toll on young people.  I often see the children of famous people trying to cringe away from the cameras as they maintain behind the famous parent.
Here once again, we see a drug related case, where the world today has pressed the pressure on the one's who are there to entertain us.  This person, was born into the fame and fortune, without a choice.  Surviving must have been a very hard thing to do, when even the parent wasn't able to make it.  My heart goes out to the people who now wait on the doctors to give them notice and the friends who are unable to help.  May God rest her soul.

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