Saturday, June 21, 2014


I never got to meet you during the short time I've been with your son.  You have passed on this week and it's a terrible time for your first born son.  He wasn't notified of your death in a decent proper manner, and had to learn it from an ex-wife.  How horrible it is to learn this type of thing from an outsider.  This means that the other siblings you fathered are mean and cruel.
I'm not sure if the man I love can be able to forgive this situation caused by many past events?  I do know that he feels cheated and pushed aside from the family.  This may be the reason he has kept his distance during the years in the past.  Maybe from guilt of his doings, or from pain of rejection, I don't know.  But this isn't something I can push on him to deal with.  He will have to do this in his own time and way.
I only hope that your son will survive and be able to get past all this.  Because I love him and he deserves to be loved.
May your soul rest in peace, is my prayer.

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