Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Too Soon

Have you ever looked at the way things turn out in life?  Understanding the "why's" of it is so hard and accepting it is even harder.  I don't think anyone can accept it when a loved one gets sick to the point of death.  When a person is fighting for their life, it's a horrible feeling to accept.  The ordeal focus's on the dire need for medical help to ease the suffering.  Family and friends suffer as well with trying to find the right thing to say and do when being around the person.
All too soon I will be going through this experience.  A relationship will be lost, if the battle against cancer can't be beaten.  I will loose the one person in my life that I found to be "the one!"  They say that "only the good die young" and I'm sure that is a true statement.  The good that I have found in this person, has given me hope for a portion of happiness the rest of my life.  Being older than him gave me hope that we would be able to live out our lives together and have fun.  Now, I find that this may not happen.  I can only try and find all the strength and support he needs to get him through this.  God, will need to put his hand in mine often.

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