Monday, March 10, 2014

Some Comments

Below are some comments that were sent to this blog in recent years.........this is to show credit to their efforts:

And, of course, we also remember The Rest Of The Story.... He only found one; and The Twin Cities were ultimately destroyed! Meanwhile, If you're counting on The Goodness Of Your Own Neighbors, then you are deeply in trouble these days. Fortunately, He has always promised to spare His Own! Therefore, we should truthfully ask ourselves today: " Are we, honestly, one of those?  Francis R. Barbour

You mentioned my employer, Food For The Poor, on your blog a few months back, and given the subject matter of the blog, I thought you might be interested in our new "Live Prayer" iPhone app. To read more about it, please visit www.foodforthepoor.org/newsroom/news/ffp-offers-iphone-app.html. Thank you for your support! -Megan@FFP

Thank you for mentioning Food For The Poor on your blog. We really appreciate it! Sincerely, Megan@FFP on Aaron DelSignore

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