Wednesday, March 19, 2014

April 20th

Just around the corner is the coming of what Christain's, consider a celebration of "Easter."  They reflect on the "death and resurrection" of Jesus Christ the Son of God. 
You find this time to be one of which churches can expound upon as being full of worshipers.  They know there are still many who will want to come for services during this particular time.  It's sad that this certain holiday celebration, can be so commercialized.  Yet, if the ladies and little girls didn't have a place to wear their pretty Easter frocks, it would turn into a straight "egg hunt" for fashion.
I'm sure that if one searches further into the truth behind this celebration, they can find the real meaning of the holiday.  Jesus Christ came into the world, gave his life and conquered death, hell and the grave, so that we have the hope of eternal life in him and his father God.

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