Tuesday, July 2, 2013


How often do we get caught up in life to the point of loosing our perspective?  Troubles start happening and it seems they overwhelm us.  Finding a solution isn't easy for our human minds.  Here we find the often falling apart trend.  We feel all hope is lost, and depression sets in.  So, often we are dealing with the human aspect of the situation and not relying on the almighty power of our Lord to maintain and control the situation. 
This last weekend was prime example of what I cannot fix on my own.  What I thought was lost, became more solid than my expectations could have assumed.  What became a sad situation, that I was trying to deal with, turned into a show of the wonders and works of our Lord's mighty hand.  Today, there is a calm that passes all understanding and makes the situation "a good thing".  Thank you Lord, for being that wonderful "control being" in the midst of my situations.

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