Thursday, June 6, 2013

Good with Bad

A true statement written in the word of God, is "through all things there with be content".  Years of fighting this and wanting my own way cause much turmoil, unhappiness, pain and sorrow.  I never was satisfied with life as it came to me.  I wanted more, because I thought I deserved more.  Sounds like a spoiled rotten brat, doesn't it?  In some ways yes, I was.  In other ways, I was a deprived individual who sort for some relief from the life I was living.
As I said, after all these years, I come to see that whatever I'm going through isn't as bad as what others are going through.  Counting my blessings helped with that problem.  Today, I can be thankful for many things, even in the midst of a life storm.  Living life, getting older and seeing the places I could be, have helped me get through this phase in my life.  I can now be content with my life and be thankful for all the good that has been given me.

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