Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dear God

I've gotten to the age that each day has become a blessing, even if it doesn't turn out to my happiness.  It's all too often that people are dying and this is a loss that families suffer on a daily basis.  I heard of an acquaintance who lost his wife yesterday.  Then another girl told me her dad had passed yesterday morning as well.  This is very scary for me since I'm in that age range.  So, with each day that passes I hope for all good to come of it.  In recent days I've found alot of emotional pain, that goes with trying to care for a person in a relationship.  There are so many ups and downs that leave you feeling lost.  This is the point that hurts so bad.  I'm in that lost feeling at present and sure need some comfort to ease pain.
I pray for the comfort of the people who have lost their loved ones, and could you please find some in your answer for me too?

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