Saturday, December 15, 2012

Lost Children

I find it hard to write this and wish it were not needful.  Here I am alive when a few states away families mourn the loss a their loved one.  It is my hope that somehow these sweet little one's who have gone back to be with their creator, were happy during their short lives.  I also pray that the families can move through this and build strength with each other during the coming days, weeks and months.  Pain will wreak their hearts for many years.  Closure will take it's own time depending on the people enduring the losses. 
To the teacher's and principal who also lost their lives I have no words to express the feelings in my heart.  You were there, doing a job.  This job you loved and looked forward to molding the minds of these students in your care.  I pray for peace that passes all understanding, for all.

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