Sunday, December 9, 2012

An Old Acquaintance

This week I ran into a person whom I've known for several years.  He has had one horrific battle after another with cancer and it looks as though he may encounter another this coming year.  When I first met him back in the early 2000's he was robust, peppy and full of life.  Today, his frail body moves along carefully, maintaining balance with each step.  He's still alive and this is what we hold on to.  There is a reason he's still here, because there have been many times God could have taken him on.  I feel sorrow in the fact of his pain and suffering.  Inspiration comes just thinking about what he has endured.  My small aches and pains are nothing compared to his, and I thank God for giving me this insight.  My prayers are with him as he move into another phase of his life.  God bless you my friend.

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