Tuesday, October 23, 2012


The younger generation would tell you that they are smrter than us and I suppose they might be in the electronics fields. I'm not too certain about the other ideas they come across with?  Their morals are ebbing to nothing.  Many of our children have lost what is consider the "no no" training that should have been instilled while they were growing up.  Yes, this in part is the parents responsibility.  Here is your problem.  Today's world is moving so fast and the parents are just out of touch with what they have and are loosing.  The words "sacred, loyal, respect and love" are tainted with this new way of living and thinking.  I for one don't have the necessary patience to put up with these disrespectful children.  The young adults are in the midst of this trend as well.  I must be getting really old, because I can't stand being around these types of people very long at any given time.

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