Tuesday, September 25, 2012

October 1st

Soon the time will arrive that would have been your birthday.  You are missed and I can tell you there are times I wish you were still here to talk to me.  I once could come and sit with you to have a confidential conversation about things going on with me and other family members.  Today, I flounder here at home on the computer and talk to myself.  Sometimes I get out and go to lunch with my sister doing girl things. 
You were my confidant, my strength and help in trouble times.  Your answers to my questions about life didn't always come to me in the form I wanted but they gave me perspective.  Thanks for the life you lived ahead of me, and for all of the things you taught me.  If you can hear me or know what I'm saying, hey, Mamaw, I want you to know I thinking about you.  I miss your love.

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