Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Mother has been put back into the hospital, with an infection.  She has been laying in bed for the last year, and her body has maintained as best it could.  I believe she has been in the hospital at least 7 times in the last year, which gives you an idea as to what we are experiencing.  Every time she goes into the hospital, we have that question mark jump into our minds.  Will she make it out and back to the nursing home this time? 
In August she turned 87 years old, and some would say that's good.  It would be good if she hadn't given up on life.  These days she doesn't make the effort to do anything except find things to gripe about.  I suppose this is her way of having attention.  I feel sorry for our 91 year old step-dad, because she keeps him going.  The problem with that is he can't keep this up any longer.  His body is starting to get very feeble and now it won't hold him to get up and around very well. 

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