Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Have you ever had an occasion where you were taken totally off guard?  A situation occurs and you stand there in total shock or awe as you watch it unfold.  Not often am I approached in this manner, but yesterday was one of those occasions.  It was as if I had known this person all my life, but in reality I never knew him.  He comes straight toward me, starts talking to me and I return the gestures.  It so totally threw me off guard that I found no need to worry about my own safety.  Finally because he was becoming too drawn out in his conversation, plus the heat of the day was making an impact, I excused myself and went to the car.  I felt somewhat disheveled from the whole experience and have yet to make sense of the whole thing.
Oh before I forget.  Yes, a reference to the Lord and the freedom he gave us on the cross was brought into the conversation by this man.  Caught my attention and gave me plenty to think about.

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