Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mary Ann Gibbs

Dear Grandma,(my great grandmother)

I know you couldn't be here today, because you'd bee too old and not be able to see or hear. Modern technology, couldn't have helped you. You were so set in your ways, and old fashion. Anyone, born in 1861, had a right to be set in their ways. You lived to be 99yrs. old and it was 3 months and 19 days, before your 100th birthday, that you finally, went to rest.
It was so wonderful, being able to be in your life and listen to all your stories. I could only imagine, the scenes your portrayed as I listened, with wild glee.
I remember hearing you sing in your old folk manner, and your speech was the same.
You were such a tiny woman, but you had so much stamina and wit. How you made it through all those years with the rough struggles, you had to face is something to be proud of. What at heritage, you left all of us, to follow.
Today, I miss you and still draw on the strength you somehow passed on in actions and words. I know your up there, waiting right along with everyone else. See you one day soon.

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