Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Morning

I heard a local church bell ringing this morning, trying to remind people that it was time to assemble for church services.  Being raised in church, it was a way of life to get up on Sunday mornings, get dressed and make our way to church.  Growing up was formed by these people's way of life and beliefs.  That was considered the American way as well and the down home way.
Today's generation has strayed away from tradition, with only a hint popping up on occasion.  I find the church's more or less standing vacant on days when they should be full.  It's become the demise of many denominations and they are having a hard time surviving.  Starting a new church these days is very touch and go.  You never know if Sunday morning will bring the needed congregation to support the utilities and mortgage.  Mostly gone are the under tent revivals, with the new modern buildings, which are more costly.
Sunday mornings are certainly different and many of us choose to watch church on the television as an alternative to getting dressed and going out.

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