Monday, June 11, 2012

A Closeness

The time in my life has occurred, when one finds it necessary to become closer to the higher up.  I mean the supreme being we all have come to believe is up there waiting to flip our switches.  I most dreaded fear is that it will come faster than I hope for.  I only know that however some people feel, they must admit that there is a higher power, governing our lives.  We as humans live with this, even though we try to put it out of our minds.  Still we realize that one day, as our late family members have done, we will also do.  Each night when I go to bed, I realize the next day may not come for me, and that's scary.  I find myself talking to the higher spirit in order to make peace of some sort.  I can only hope when my time finally comes, I will be asleep, cause I'm a wimp on the death subject.

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