Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Dear Al,
Our friendship started back in 2003, when I came to your town to escape the hell I was living in.  You and 2 other friends introduced yourselves and from there it began to unfold.  I managed to get a kitchenette apartment at the same place you and Jesse lived.  You 2 saw a new woman in the complex and immediately began saying "hello" and be friendly.  It was a welcome feeling and I appreciated it, since I was there alone.  The times that I spent hold up in my room, alone and unhappy were broken by your smiles and waves.  I started going over and sitting with you guys in the evenings and visiting.  We would share laughs, drink coffee or beer and enjoy each others company.  As time evolved, we came to be good friends and I started cooking extra food, and offering you guys a home cooked meal.  Two old bachelor's loved to get a good home cooked meal.  It was then that you guys would bring your extra meat and vegetables for me to use, rather than use up all of my stuff.  I didn't mind, and it soon became a ritual with us.
There were days that I would be down, and you would listen to me pour out my heart.  You would give an opinion, that seem to hit the spot at the right moment.  You sat with me, as I suffered the loss of my last husband, and let me talk your ears off.  There were times I could see that you really didn't feel up to it, but you never complained. 
After I moved away I made sure to keep in contact with you.  I even went back a few times to visit when I would be in town at my son's home.  You always welcomed me with open arms and a bear hug.  I tried to make it up there to see you but my old car just wasn't up to par.  I kept sending you emails, in hopes of helping the lonely times I knew you must be going through.  There were times when you wouldn't be on the internet and those times I feared were bad.  This last time was it and I lost my very good friend.  I'll miss your quick wit and funny laughs......your were my friend.
I love you,

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