Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hubby's fight

Guest post written by Arnoldo Acevedo
My husband and I have really been fighting lately about the amount of direct TV that we are comfortable with their children watching. See, when he gets home from work he's exhausted so he doesn't want to have to play with the kids without anything else going on so we often will sit on the couch with them and watch a TV show. This would be the worst thing is that happen every now and then but this is how it goes every single light in my house and I feel like the kids need some other kind of quality timewith their dad. It's not like they even talk to each other while the show is on! I know I'm being really nitpicky but if it were up to me we would get rid of the TV altogether and just spend more time at the family when we are all at home. These kids are going to be grown-up before we know it and I want to cherish it now.

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