Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Atheist displace CA park nativity scenes

 Most of the Christmas nativity scenes that churches had placed in a Santa Monica coastal park for decades have been displaced by non-religious displays.  This year the Churches only got three with 18 units going to atheist groups. The spokesman claimed that it was a fare lottery. I don’t buy that. The odds of there being that must difference in the outcome is astronomical. This is just another attack by liberals against Christmas and Christians.  The atheist in this country have zero tolerance to all things christian. I have never herd them complain about anything Muslim and Obama has been pushing it down our throats. I didn’t hear one complaint about government funds being made available for building the “Ground Zero Mosque”.

“The Heavens and the Earth shall pass away, but My Words shall never pass away”.-Jesus Christ
“If they hate you and insult you because of Me, your reward will be great in Heaven” (Paraphrase) – Jesus Christ
Know that through the power of God the Father and the Lord Jesus, these people will never be successful against Christ’s church (“the gates of Hell will not prevail against it.”).  He also said “Pray for yor enemies”.
Unfortunately, they will bring our country down if they increase in numbers and it appears they are increasing and gaining power.  These same people would probably not knock Islam…an unholy alliance.
  Atheist, Communist, Liberals, democrats all deny GOD.  That is their right, but as a Christian I
have the right guranteed under the U.S. Constution for freedom of relegions.   They can deny,
decry it all they want but the United States was founded upon Judeao Christian principles to
give all the freedom of worship.    We do not deny others that right and they will not be tollerated to deny us our right. The only reason Athiest, homosexuals or other deviants of society are tollerated is because of the Christain beleifs and the United States Military.   The Military stands in the breach between chaos and order.  Politicans creat chaos to try and stay in power and corrupt out system of balence in  American.   GOD BLESS AMERICA AND THE U.S. MILITARY.   

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