Monday, August 1, 2011

Their move

Authored by Rickey Combs
My mom and dad have been talking for the longest time about moving somewhere a little slower paced. I thought it was a great idea, myself, and have been pushing them for years and they’ve finally worked up the courage to get out and go this year – they’ve been in their new townhome for almost two months and they say they love having less house to maintain! I told them to go to Http://www.Securitychoice.com to secure the place up when they moved in since they’re not too used to living in the city and I talked to my mom about having her groceries delivered. Can you believe she joined a gym? They act like they’re going on 17, not 70, but I think it’s totally great that they’re living life to the fullest even in their old age. I love my parents and no matter what they do with their retirement I’m going to think they hung the moon – they’ve been so good to me and my brothers all our lives!

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