Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hey Larry

It wasn't the best of situations, but somehow we managed to get through them.  You voiced your opinions, and made it very clear how you felt about the way things were being handled.  Unfortunately like me you had no say.
I'm talking about the day we laid Robert to rest.  Down through the years you and he were growing up buddies, and when you finally made your way to our home, I was offended by the way you acted toward me.  He tried to smooth it over, but I knew you didn't like me. 
At his funeral you talked and talked and talked.........I finally had to excuse myself because the service was starting.  After the funeral, you called almost everyday about something you thought I needed to know.  Actually, it was your opinion about it that you thought I needed.  Finally, when I had grown tired of your incessant calling to talk about crap that one of the kids was doing, I just stopped accepting your calls.  You made some snide remarks on my voice mail, but I just chalked it up to you being you.  I just didn't want to talk about Robert's kids, ex-wife and such, anymore.  It wasn't my business anyway, and I was completely out of the picture.  Finally, your calls stopped, but I heard word of how you were from time to time.  I saw you once more, right after Betty passed away and that was the last time.
I'm sorry you are gone, but it looks like this is something we all have to face one day.  I suppose you and Robert can have a time talking about the old days, now that you are both deceased.

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