Friday, January 22, 2010


Taking a trip to visit my daughter, I decided that I would rent a car.  The rental agency didn't have a car ready so I had to take a rental truck. I had to invest in some  HVG insurance  to cover the vehicle while I used it because I only had liability on my car.  They had all these different add on's that you find when getting involved with a rental agency.  It finally turned out that I paid much more than I had hope to pay.  I still was able to drive a car that was new and not have the fear of breaking down in my own car.  My car is much older and when they get paid for, it's as if they know it and start falling apart.  I've spent almost as much money on my car getting it repaired as I did when I bought it.  It's been first one thing and then another to find extra money to cover.
I wonder if they make sure to build a car so that it expires in a certain amount of years?  It definitely looks as if that's the idea behind new car manufacture's.  I would love to have a new car each year, but my finance's won't cover the demand.

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