Friday, January 29, 2010

First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit

First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit
This is considered to be the best time to buy a home, and if you are already buying one the credit is still at least $6500, so you have a vested interest in this year's tax credits.  It looks as if 1st time buyers are going to get a good deal with the way the tax credits are being supplied.  The deal on a new home loan must be handled by April 2010 and the loan closed on by June 2010.  This lets the government have the availability to handled this set of tax credits in the same year efficiently.  
I'm sure there are other benefits for families, who are investing in a new home, but there are other means of information that I'm not aware of at the present.  This video gives you the basic's  of the government established tax credits for first time owners.  They also give the "moving on up" incentive to homeowner's whose homes are under worth under $800,000.  I've never been able to afford a home that expensive, and so I suppose I wouldn't be in that group.  This effort by the government to establish a more lucrative economy, is something that can work, but must be implemented in order to gain the necessary strength our economy needs.

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