Friday, January 15, 2010

Dear Jan

You've been gone about 3  years, now and I think you probably, were totally worn out, from all the health problems. But, little girl, you had more problems, than that and I'm so glad that, you no longer have to deal with them. I know if you could, you would have stayed longer, to watch of the girls, and be as much strength to them as you could. I know how hard you tried to pull them back from the crap, they would get in. Yet, you must understand if you don't live a different life in front of them, you will reap what you so. They have really given this world a taste of the wild side, and so did you, for such a long time. You just had the ability to make money doing it. They do too except, they can't seem to get it right, with the law, and that's the difference. I know, that for many years, we were at odds with each other, and it took alot of water under the bridge, for us to become close. The phrase: "Keep your friends close, keep your enemies, closer", applied to us for a long time. :) , "they say only the good die young", I prefer to believe, "what goes around comes around".
I felt a loss, when you left, but am glad you no longer are sick. Farewell, and have fun flirting with the guys, you and I knew, that are there too.

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