Friday, January 15, 2010

Dear Goldie......

I know it's been a long time, since you even thought of me, and vice versa. I thought so many years ago, that you would become a great mother in law. How sad, that I was very wrong.
I never wanted it to be the way it was, but how it turned out, was beyond my control. I wish we had been closer, and you could have seen, how much I wanted to love you, like I did your son. His memories, will haunt me forever, as I try to rationalize, how it all came to a bitter end. Please, understand, that I loved Linn, with all my heart, and wanted to be with him forever. The brutal beatings, me and the children took, kept that from happening. To this very day, I still love the man, and wish it could have turned out wonderful.
Once again, you would have been such an asset to our relationship, had you been able to understand what was really going on, in comparison to what you were told.
I'm so sorry, to have lost you as a confidant, mom and friend.

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