Friday, January 29, 2010

Aunt Druzy

I was so young and small, yet I remember you and the way you conducted yourself around people. You were down right mean, and there's no getting around it. I remember as a small child you struck me as a person, who could melt the socks off of me by just looking at me with you horrible stare.
I never really knew you, because of the fact I was so young, and I guess I'm lucky on that part. You didn't seem to be the type of person, who liked anyone, and always wanted control of your environment. Outsiders, were best gotten rid of as fast as possible, to regain your idea of harmony.
I remember the horrible days, leading up to your death. The stench that your excrement, gave off was overwhelming. You had a horrible cancer, and the radium treatments, had burned your intestines, so badly that it had caused your insides to be coming out, in your bowel movements. I remember your excruciating screams, each time you would have the movements. Your sister(my grandmother), would come up and clean you and change your and your bed. I would be sent to another room, while she tended you.
The day you died, I also was sent to the kitchen and the door was shut. This was the way the people handled delicate situations, back in those days. I'm glad they did, because I was only 4 or 5 years old and really wasn't at an age for dealing with this type of thing, that life gives forth.
Honestly, I don't wish that type of thing on anyone, but do you think God, has a way of handling, people who don't act right?
Today, I find myself being too much like you and it really irks me, to realize it. I wish I would have been able to have a different attitude about my life and the people in it. Yet, I find that maybe, you were a victim of circumstances, as I have been, and maybe that's what moved you to act in the manner of meanness. It may have been your only defense to the actions of other people, towards you. I'd like to think that's what has caused my ways of dealing with people, who let me down or abused my good faith.
Sincerely, I hope that you had something in life, that gave you happiness. Maybe, if you had lived longer, and I had gotten to know you better, I would have found something about you that was nice.
God, bless you wherever you are.......
Nita Kaye

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