Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Time To Reflect........

A time to reflect on years past, and things that were very important to us. A time to be thankful for the things we have and if able, to share the things we have with others, less fortunate.
In less than a week we will be gathering with our family to be together again, on this occasion. It may be the last time for some of our family to be with us. It may be a new beginning for a few of us. Either way, this will be a time for us as a family to make memories, as we have on previous occasions.
Each year, one or two of the members aren't able to make it, for one reason or another. One of my sons, lives out of state, and won't be here. Another may have other family members to be with at this time, since they just lost their dad. So, we will be thankful for the family members that do get to drop by and enjoy the day as well as we can.
Once again, let us remember to thank the Lord for each day he has given us and for a great healthy coming year.

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