Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Eyes of a Child.........

I can remember several years ago, when as I child I would go up to this lady's house and visit with her. She would show me things that I never imagined to be in the world. This lady was always doing something different or trying something out. It often amazed me at all the things she had loaded into that 2 story house and huge yard. The main living room and dinning room were totally full of what we called "what not's" back in those days. She had several shelves full of these little trinkets and it was like walking into a wonderland. Everywhere you looked were miniatures, of some sort. In one glassed in bookshelf, she had a complete set of "Alexander's Ragtime Band", all miniature figurines, each with it's own musical instrument. There was even a dollhouse that she had sitting over in a corner of the room on an antique table. The small people caught my eye and it was a wonder to me how someone could make these dolls so small. What was even more eye catching was the dollhouse furniture carefully placed inside. The whole room was dedicated to the child like way of life and thinking. There were music boxes, chiming clocks, wind up dolls that would twist & whirl while playing music or beating a drum.
In another room, there was an old Victrola which place the old LP album's and had to be wound up in order to play. Yes, it had the big horn looking speaker which loomed over the top of the turntable.
As with all good and great thing's, when you've got too many, they tend to collect dust. Still it was a pleasure to go and visit her and listen to her stories and see all the different items, that were on display.
Today, you can find several items to put in a dollhouse for your little girls, and they will love playing with them. They won't be as quaint, as the one's I enjoyed, but to little girls, the thrill will still be there. Should you be interested in equipping a dollhouse with miniatures, then I'm sure you could find exactly what you looking for at the above website.

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