Saturday, November 21, 2009


What is it that you believe in?

There are many subjects that stick deep in one’s heart and soul. They believe in these things, so strongly, that they can become a control factor.

It’s a good thing to have something or someone to believe in. This is the very being, that gives us strength to conquer, obstacles that attempt to ruin our hopes, wishes, dreams and everyday lives. Our strength is what gets us beyond these things and on to a new day, filled with new things to accomplish and savor.

All too often we will notice the outer surface of a subject or problem. It seems to be the biggest thing that overwhelms us. Looking deeper, we find that it wasn’t such a big thing after all. Sometimes, we find ourselves, being embarrassed, because we allowed it to disrupt our thinking in such a manner. Sometimes, it out right, makes us mad at ourselves. All human, actions are made of these and yet they are very controlling in our everyday lives.

Religion, is an affecting, controlling subject that can rule many facets of our attitudes, emotions and actions. It can also, give us strength, to handle daily situations. It may be the words of a song, a reading, a scripture, the words of encouragement from a friend. There are so many ways, religion, can affect us.

So, what do you believe in? Is it a person, an action, a standard that has stood the test of time. Giving the chance, why not stop and think about your beliefs and evaluate them. See if they still meet you needs for living according to your standards. Find new things and see if they could become a belief, you could adapt to.

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