Sunday, September 13, 2009

Miss Josie

I can remember her now, the tall thin framed woman, would make her way down the sidewalk to go to church, unless the weather was bad. Sometimes, people would come and pick her up and take her to church with them. This lady was well into her late sixties or early seventies, with salt & pepper hair that she wore back in a bun at the base of her neck. I always was ready for her to stop by or come to visit my grandmother. The lady, was a story teller that could hold your attention with her exciting ways of expressing the suspense and drama. At the end of her stories, was always a moral that gave a clear picture of what a person should choose for their life.
I remember going to her home 2 doors up to check on her when I hadn't seen her for a few days. Sometimes, I would see her walking around out in her yard. There was this huge fig bush, that had the sweetest fig's on it. My grandmother had a fig bush but the fig's it grew, weren't as sweet as the fig's on Miss Josies' bush. Miss Josie, was an old maid and never had any children. I suppose it was fitting that she taught Sunday School to the children and told them stories, that they could enjoy like I did.
This is a tribute to one lovely lady, who loved her Lord and made sure everyone saw it in her life.

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