Friday, September 18, 2009

Let Down

I found that helping a person, can't always turn out for the best. No matter how hard I try to help this one woman, she's a very heavy load. Financially, she exhausts my finances. All the time she borrows ahead of a payment I make to her, then when she gets drunk, she forgets that she's borrowed the money. I've stopped answering her calls, because I just can't handle the stress anymore. Yesterday, it was a good thing I wasn't at home, because she drove up into my driveway, and was looking for me to get more money. She's working on the October payment which isn't even due until the 1st. I didn't mind helping her, until it was brought to my attention, that she was telling people she thought I was cheating her. Now, my feelings are hurt and one thing's for sure. She'll have to wait until, the 1st to get the rest of her payment. I'm tired of her draining me.

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