Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baby's Baptism

Learn about the significance of baptism and each aspect of the ceremony by attending the classes set up by your local priest. The godparents you select will also need to attend classes to learn about and prepare for their responsibilities to the newborn child. Ask your local parish for a schedule of upcoming events so you can select a good day to celebrate the birth of your baby.
Send out invitations to the baptism ceremony as early as possible. Choose the baby's godparents. You want people who will be a good example in faith and action to your child as she grows. Arrange for the white gown your baby will wear during the baptism ceremony. Select the Christian name your child will use at the baptism ceremony. Prepare for a banquet or a less formal reception after your baby's baptism. Invite all of your family and friends to attend the celebration. Family, friends, and coworkers will offer baptism gifts now to help in celebration of your child's new life. The link above is a great place to shop for such gifts.

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