Monday, July 27, 2009

Magic Kingdom.......

Do you remember the fun you had when walking into the gate of Disney World for the first time? The ride from the other side of the lake was magical, on the ferry that picked you up from the starting dock. I was a long walk through the parking lot and was nice to be picked up by one of those long buggys' that transported visitors to the main gate. I remember seeing the long street in front of us as we went inside the gates. Opening to a wide array of scenery that gave us plenty to stare at in awe. Suddenly, here came the different greeters, such as Pluto, Goofy and up on a balcony stood "Mickey" himself, waving to all of us in welcome. Our youngest daughter being only a year and a half old, wasn't too thrilled with these characters, getting too close.
We bought our tickets at the main gate, when entering back then, but since the technology of the internet has thrived, you can now get Disney World Tickets plus package deals.
We walked through the park, looking at all the different displays and rides, when we came to the "Magic Kingdom", we were in awe as we viewed the castle for the first time. Going inside was a site to behold and we really enjoy all the different sights in there. Moving along we went to another area, that had a lagoon ride where you went around a lake in a glass bottomed boat and saw all the all the water species swimming under plus the jungle creatures in the trees. Mostly they were animated with loud ear popping sounds. When we went into a cave, in a boat they had all types of animated creatures, playing and singing to the electronic technology integrated inside them. We were asked not to take pictures with our cameras, because the flash might interfere with the electronic components in the figures. I managed to sneek a few in even though I was afraid of getting caught. We came home with many wonderful memories and I can truly say that "Magic Kingdom", was a real treat.

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