Friday, July 10, 2009

Back To School .........

It's time to get those kids back in school and I know that your dreading the expense that's about to hit your budget. With more than one child, your spending becomes limited. Having one or more that wear prescription glasses can really cost. This website offers
$ 8 Rx eyeglasses , and bifocals as well, for a little more than regular lens. Now you can replace those broken or lost glasses, much easier than before.
Seeing their ads for eye wear was great to find and watching several different video's also gave a boost to their products. You should see their ads about Zenni Optical on TV!!! With all the trendy styles and frames, I wonder if I'll ever shop at a regular optical store again? You can give a big High Five to Zenni Optical for all the extra help they've given you by offering benefits you aren't able to get at regular optical marts. I'm sure you will like all the tutorials, they have for you to open and subjects that interest you about your purchase prospects.

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Sandy said...

Kids here just recently got out of school, so going back is far from our minds.

I would be very skeptical about buying something as important as eye glasses that way. I've been wearing glasses for over 40 years and just wouldn't be comfortable with that.

Have to try and save money elsewhere

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